I use almost no source material. I make up the figures, the rocks, the smoke, the clouds, the sky, and the clothes. Painting from my brain lets every detail serve the composition. Light bends, perspective warps, figurative proportion distorts. Even flesh tones are malleable.

I look at my drawings through an art-historical lens. I infrequently reference a particular artist or work, but the Baroque, Chinese Ink Landscapes, and Romanticism dance around in my head anyway. The representational aspects of the work also tie into the art-historical inspirations. Titian, Goya and Bellini are my heroes.

Since my subjects are so personal, I agonize over the images. The alternative would be to make more expressive drawings, ie. violent arm movements as a symbol of aggression. But, expressionism has a trade-off in that subject matter is often subjugated to touch. Because I'm drawing my sons, my wife, me, my world, I haven't been able to sacrifice them to a looser hand. I just want the technique to be as clean and clear as possible. And, I like it. I enjoy the challenge of flesh, hair, light, foliage, smoke, and cloth.